Balance of Power

Study Group


A 10-week transformational online Study Group where Rory lays out

the findings from his deep research into Archetypal Relationships.


This Study Group addresses the many of the classic issues people

experience in their relationships and why they occur;


Loving people being unpleasant.

Dysfunctional Arguments.

Disconnection and Coldness

Loss of Personal Power

Loss of Love, Trust and Connection


During the workshop you will learn;


How to understand yourself and how your operate

Better understanding of all human beings.

How to create and foster effective and loving relationships.

How to remove triggers & breakdowns.

How to master communication.


If these relationship problems show up in your life, the 

Balance of Power Study Group is exactly what you've been looking for.


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The Invitation of Love 

Online Course


This 10-week online course is taken from the hugely successful 

Invitation of Love: Breakthrough Weekend workshop.


Many people repeatedly choose destructive intimate partners.

Relationships start wonderfully before imploding.

So many marriages end badly.

So many children suffer.


During this 12-week online course you will learn;


What the Old Model of Relationships is.

What the New Model of Relationships is.

How to tailor the perfect relationship structure for you.

How to integrate this into your life.


This workshop interrogates Society’s model of relationship and how it deeply affects us throughout our lives.

The Invitation of Love ONLINE workshop also reveals the model of relationship used and loved by people who have mastered relationships.


During this course you will discover how and why you struggle in relationships in such a way that you can overcome your conditioning and move toward a world of love and relationships that actually works.


 If your intimate relationships are not what you'd love them to be, past or present, and the above mentioned problems are showing up in your life, this workshop is ideal for you.


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